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January 1, 2013

Personal Presents, gift of a lifetime, special presents, great gifts, best presents,Yes for our sins we are a father and daughter team! Over the years this venture has grown¬†through a love of family and friends’ stories, wanting to get to know people better and to register and record the tales of the people we treasure in our lives in a creative memorable way . Our labours of love have now become a service we offer for others, the booklets have become books and the bonds between people thicker. My Dad, Ian, provides the pictures and me, Nikki, the words. You can find out more about Ian’s photography and my words by clicking on the links but for now here in this place together we are offering to bring your stories and memories to life in any which way you choose.


Call us: Nikki 07905 456704 Ian 07967 008698

Tweet: @nikosmith

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2 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Doyle says:

    Hey there team
    How do you feel about recording the story of my gma? She was 99 this week and has had an incredible life but…. not easy to get her story out of her. If you can spare a weekend sometime and I can talk her round maybe we could get down there together (west sussex).

    Let me know

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