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January 13, 2013

Perhaps it’s someone’s birthday or a special occasion that you want to make matter in a unique way. Perhaps you’re doing the family tree and want something a bit more substantial to bring to life. Whatever the reason (and some possibilities are listed below) we can make sure the right words and pictures are put down exactly the way they look and sound in their own voice and time.

So as a framework: initial interview is set-up as a nice warm friendly chat and with any questions you want covering along with good primers. A visiting time of around two hours is normally enough to get to the essence of a person, the heart of their story and take a current picture. The interview is then transcribed, edited and proofed. It is laid out in a book with any relevant pictures and printed up and sent out. Each interview with each person costs £200 plus the price of the book design you want through Snapfish. All design, inputting and proofing included. Please allow four weeks (two weeks for book delivery) for whole process.

Special Occasions

Family Tree Livener

Something You Want To Say

Pivotal Person

Defining Moment

Since You Were This High

Lived a Life

It’s a Pet’s Life 

Bespoke Service

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