A Message from Your Aunty 

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Lucy Elfreda Ellis was born in on November 3rd 1911 in Macclesfield. She is the sole-surving person out of that generation in down my father’s side in the family. The last in the line you could say. The youngest of three sisters after Kath and Winnie. The middle daughter Winnie was my father’s mother. She really is the only person really who could shed any light on what Ian Geoffrey Smith was like growing up now he’s reaching the grand old age of sixty. But she died in 1999. So in her absence I decided to go for the next best thing and ask Great Aunty Lucy what she could remember about her nephew. It’s Thursday 13th March 2008 on a bright grey afternoon in the residential room she’s been in for the last four years at Sharston House, Knutsford.