Forty Not Out

Mark Smith, Runcorn, Gift of Lifetime, Personal presents,

Words by Maurice

I was at work when your Nana rang me up. I came home to a real shock – a Granddad at 45! It was your Nana who gave him the title of No 1 Grandson but that was only by arrival not by preference. Give over I can’t tell you how many I’ve got now. I’ve become a great-great-Granddad this year. Your Nana loved knitting so he had fourteen matinee coats by the time he was one month old.

I’m very proud about how he’s grown up. I see some bits of myself in him, oh yes…the way he handles himself. He wants a television for his 40th doesn’t he? Virgin HD is coming this summer but they don’t tell you the price do they? What shall we do about money? [He's going to Paris in a couple of weeks and the trip due to a mixture of excitement and nervous tension keeps floating to the top of his thoughts in his 85-year-old mind.]

When Mark took me to Nijmegen, Holland* he was great. I gave all my money to him. He was brilliant when he took me there. He really looked after me. I had cramp one night in the hotel and he came into my room to check on me and he sorted out all my meals. When we were on the ferry he went to go and get us some fish and chips. He was gone for ages and while I was standing alone a man came up to me to ask if I was alright? I said yes but I’d can’t find my grandson. I think he thought I was talking about a little kid and wasn’t expecting to see a 6’ 4” man to appear when he came back! Mark said it had been like WWIII in the queue all these old soldiers fighting over who was going to get their food first. He was killing himself laughing. He’s good at looking after other people.