Independent Woman 

Black and White Garden Pose

Words by Ashley

Mum has always been really kind and caring, she has had to put up with living with three men in the family which can’t of been easy so I’m sure she must have a lot of patience haha. So when we were growing up Mum was the calming influence on the household, which was much needed with us fighting and Dad trying to stop us! Mum always tried to be fun when we were young and took an interest in everything we did, and was also quite understanding and lenient when we got in trouble and got caught skipping school! As we got older she kept up with our interests and I suppose this is because she is quite young at heart, this side of her personality comes out when she is at a party or has a few drinks as she enjoys having a laugh. Mum is also hard working and likes to set herself new challenges such as growing her own food on the allotment and also by start to study a degree with the Open University, somehow managing to fit everything in around work! Mum is great at linking the family together, making sure that grandparents, brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles etc are all kept up to date with each others news and developments (I think this is something she must of inherited from her Mum). Mum has had a great influence on our lives and we’re sure she will be forever!